hello from the future!


안녕하세요, everyone! this post is tragically overdue, but there are reasons. mainly, jet lag. well, jet lag and the absolute whirlwind that was my departure/arrival, orientation, and settling in yeosu, my home for the next year.

but things have been going great! i’ve settled in well and have connected with the foreigner population here in yeosu (some of them, anyway.) next stop: make korean friends. all in due time, i hope.

i have no major travel plans for the month of september due in large part to my not being paid until the end of the month. that and i want to get locked into this lesson planning routine so my weekends are free for travel. for those of you in the states, korea is roughly the side of indiana so i can get anywhere within a few hours (seoul is a 4 hour train ride!), and for cheap. expect lots of pictures.

for now, i’m bumming it around yeosu. this past weekend i took the city bus out to the world expo site (which yeosu hosted last summer) with my friend jen. it was the perfect day for it, too. chilly and overcast in the morning but then it warmed up. it also could’ve been because of the bikes.

it took forever for us to figure out how to rent them from the kiosk (despite having it give instructions in english), but once we did, we were off! we rode all the way out to what i want to say looked like some modern lighthouse, but very well could’ve been some fancy observation deck. it was ridiculously windy all the way out there and most of the pictures i tried to take were of me getting my hair blown back in my face, but we eventually managed to get pictures of us with our bikes.

there is so, so, so much more to update y’all on. i think i will break everything down and over the next few weeks, focus each of my posts on a certain aspect of my life here: the city/neighborhood, my school, life in general, and food. because food, y’all. i love korean food.

but in case you were wondering how i was doing, i’m fabulous, and i hope to have more updates for you all soon.

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10 thoughts on “hello from the future!

    • haha, thanks! i maybe thought about making it my twitter icon because it’s just so classy, you know? i’m glad you liked this post! i promise many, many more (and most likely many, many more stupid pictures of corey being stupid. and adorable. in korea.)

  1. Love the one of you with the bike! And hey, at least your hair looks good windswept. :)

    Can’t wait to read more about your adventures. So glad you’re having a good time!

    • aw, thanks kristan! i definitely plan to keep this updated more. i’ve got some neat travel plans slotted for the fall :)

  2. Exciting! I’m likewise looking forward to more :) Besides Simon and Martina, you’re the only person I know in Korea who can keep us all up to date. (No, I don’t REALLY know Simon and Martina. I wish!)

    • ha! yes, the wind was intense that day. but, still nice! i plan to keep the posts coming and i hope, hope, hope to see you two in march! it would make my spring!

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