oh, blog.

i’ve never kept a diary.

i remember in middle school my friend gina had this notebook she wrote in every day. i tried it a couple different times but i either lacked discipline or something interesting to write about. probably both.

now that i’m older, i sometimes wish i maybe had kept with it. friends tell me about their experiences reading from old entries and how funny they were back then. how dramatic and silly. of course then i remember how hard middle school and high school were for me and i’m relieved i didn’t kept a record.

only now,¬†for the first time, i really have something exciting to write about and i just… can’t. it’s not that i don’t want to, i simply lack the discipline to do so. which really is a shame because i’m having a crazy fantastic time over here.

so i’ve resolved: starting this week, i’m going to blog about one thing happening over here. lord knows i’ve got loads of material.

expect it. look forward to it.

it’s going to be ridiculous.

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